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Geographic Technology Applications Center (GTAC)

Degree Programs


Introduction to ArcGIS 10

This workshop teaches the basics of working with ArcGIS version 10. The workshop begins with a brief overview of GIS Technology and common applications in GIS. Topics presented and relevant exercises provide students the skill sets and knowledge for success in GIS Basics.

Major topics include:

  • Presentation of ArcMap ArcCatalog and Arc Toolbox
  • The major GIS data types and formats
  • GIS features and attributes
  • Data Frames and Layouts
  • Creating simple maps
  • Symbology and simple labeling to make your maps better
  • Basic map and attribute query

This workshop is highly interactive providing ample exercises for the students to explore and practice the concepts and functionality of the software.


This workshop is intended for those new to GIS, who are looking for an effective way to get an understanding of the technology and a basic understanding of how to use GIS software to make basic maps and evaluate GIS data.