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Geographic Technology Applications Center (GTAC)

Degree Programs


Intermediate ArcGIS

This workshop goes beyond the basics presented in Introduction to ArcGIS 10 to further explore the possibilities of GIS applications with ArcGIS.

Major topics include:

  • Arc Toolbox
  • Joining and relating tables
  • Creating, editing, and manipulating tables
  • Editing map features
  • Basic map projection
  • Further exploration of map layout and labeling techniques
  • Geoprocessing operations; buffer, clip, merge, dissolve

The exercises in this workshop present techniques to solve issues and problems that arise daily in a busy GIS work environment. Students explore and practice the concepts and functionality of the software to help them become an effective GIS user.


This workshop is intended for those who have taken Introduction to ArcGIS, or have equivalent knowledge. Students must be familiar with file management in an MS Windows environment. This is an excellent workshop for those who are looking for an effective way to increase their understanding of GIS technology and enhance their ability to address and solve GIS related issues.